How to dress up Furniture with raised stencils

Furniture redo with stencil reliefs

I absolutely love painting furniture. This time I didn't put much thought into what I was going to do but I ended up with a piece I am pleased with. Different then the typical re-do don't you think? This tutorial was done on a sample board because I finished the furniture before taking a photos. 

Choose your color. I chose Anne Sloane Chalk paint because I had it on hand and you don't have to prime. I mixed Paris Blue and Old Orche (not sure of the amount but very little Paris Blue was added). Before the paint dried I took old white (also chalk paint) and just dipped my brush in the paint and used what was on the brush to create some interest with horizontal strokes. 


Once that was dried use a stencil of your choice.  Use a good amount of Joint compound to create a raised relief stencil.  Place an even coat of spackle over the stencil making sure to cover the entire stencil. Then remove stencil. 


After the Joint compound dries paint over the relief. I did not seal prior to painting but I'm sure it would help to keep the raised stencil crisp. If you don't just make sure you don't over work painting the stenciled areas.


Once the paint is dried I loaded a paint brush with Vandyke brown and offloaded most of it onto a paper towel.  Then gently dry brushed over the recessed areas. I sanded back the corners on the furniture to give it distressed look.


Now all that's left is to seal the piece with a clear coat (your choice) I sprayed my piece using a water based lacquer. FYI,  the stencil can be done with a number of different products, I've used Venetian plaster with excellent results in the past. This is not a piece that will stand abuse and the lacquer will aide in protecting the stencils.


The end result.


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