Go big spend little. Refinishing kitchen cabinets

Considering refinishing your cabinetry?  Not all refinishing companies are the same.  What are you options and what does refinishing your kitchen actually mean? Kitchen cabinet refinishing is simply giving your cabinets a new look. This can be done by stripping the paint or stain and applying new colors or finishes.  Striping the surface is a bit pricey but in some cases necessary especially if the old finish is compromised.   Paint can be used but there are better and more durable options available so depending on what surface I am working on and the desired finish the process and products will vary. Refinishing your kitchen should not be tackled by a painter for several reasons but most importantly because results will not look like a factory finish.  Unless the doors are removed and the new finish sprayed and protected with a quality varnish polyurethane or lacquer the results will not look professional.  If you want a professional finish there is no substitution for hiring a professional.  The refinishing company should not only carry an array of samples but they should provide you with a custom sample with your choice of finish.  

Refacing or Refinishing?  You could reface your kitchen cabinets for a new look if you are willing to spend more the 1/2 the price of new.  Refacing means you are purchasing new doors and depending on the style, quality and glazing options the price is reflective.  Then a thin veneer is applied over the bases.  The veneer is not durable and usually chips or buckles.  

What option's are there if your cabinets are white or not solid wood?  Is paint the only option?   Thankfully the answer is no.  Artistically I utilize paint, glazes & stains and manipulate them in a way to create  different wood finishes, a faux bois ( faux wood.).  Like other refinishing companies I utilize your existing cabinetry.  What sets my company apart is that I can refinish any surface even if it is not wood and provide you with a factory like finish of your choice.  My process is labor intensive but our sprayed on finish is durable and guaranteed. You are not limited to finishing options because your surface is formica, melamine or MDF (Medium-density-fiberboard).  Refinishing a fiberglass door to a  beautiful mahogany or walnut finish is something I can offer that our competition can not.     The finish is durable and guaranteed and you can enjoy your refinished kitchen for as many years as you would a newly installed one.  We consider ourselves knowledgeable on what trends and colors will work best for your kitchen and will gladly offer my design expertise and advise on not only what finish works best but what details you can add that will give your kitchen a much higher end look.  The  layout can be reconfigured, additional cabinets added so that the old and new are finished to match. Flooring, counter top, back splash and appliances can be replaced and the completed process will still be the least expensive option available. Lastly I offer a service that no other company I  know of can.  Oak cabinets are solid wood but once stained or painted the grain is still there the surface is not smooth.  For some of my clients changing the color of oak is not enough.  I have successfully filled in the grain and and then refinished the oak now looks like maple or mahogany.  

  Refinishing is an ideal option not only for the budget but also because older cabinets are actually solid wood.  There are so many options available to give your kitchen bath or built in a new factory like finish.  As the saying goes "A picture tell's a story".  My web site is filled with before and after photo's of beautifully refinished kitchens.  Take a look and find out how I can refinish at fraction of the cost in comparison to any other option available.



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