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Considering refinishing your cabinetry?  Not all refinishing companies are the same.  What are you options and what does refinishing your kitchen actually mean? Kitchen cabinet refinishing is simply giving your cabinets a new look. This can be done by stripping the paint or stain and applying new colors or finishes.  Striping the surface is a bit pricey but in some cases necessary especially if the old finish is compromised.



     One of the busiest areas of my Long Island faux finishing company revolves around refinishing cabinetry.  Every thing from mantels, to tables, chairs, vanities and railings.  But kitchen cabinets are by far the majority of my refinishing work.

Faux wood grain table

Just a small video of a mural I completed.


As the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". This was literally rescued from the trash and  transformed into a truly treasured piece. I regret to say that I did not take progression photo's but the steps are as follows; I removed the seat cushion by turning the chair upside down and removing screws. As you can see the chair was worn, ripped and not very comfortable.

Although I love Christmas I noticed I have been stressing more and enjoying less.  For starters,  the tree needs to go up,  the lights need to be hung and the house needs to be decorated.  For me decorating the house is no small project because I can literally spend an entire month decorating and redecorating my home (love doing it).  Then of course there is shopping for gifts, wrapping and Christmas cards (I would love to know who came up with the whole Christmas photo card deal).  Since I am such a procrastinator with things like this, this has become my least favorite holiday chor

Furniture redo with stencil reliefs

I absolutely love painting furniture. This time I didn't put much thought into what I was going to do but I ended up with a piece I am pleased with. Different then the typical re-do don't you think? This tutorial was done on a sample board because I finished the furniture before taking a photos. 

Choose your color. I chose Anne Sloane Chalk paint because I had it on hand and you don't have to prime. I mixed Paris Blue and Old Orche (not sure of the amount but very little Paris Blue was added). Before the paint dried I took old white (also chalk paint) and just dipped my brush in the paint and used what was on the brush to create some interest with horizontal strokes.