About Our Faux Finishing Company

DiMonti's Decorative Finishes is owned and operated by artist Maria DiMonti. She obtained her bachelors degree at Dowling College and persued a career as an investigator of credit card fraud. However. she longed for the creative freedom which she found as a decorative painter. Along with her husband, they are raising four children on Long Island, New York. During this time she perfected her skills as a decorative painter while attending The Finishing School and The Art League of Long Island located in New York.

Maria DiMonti and her staff are artists who are trained, insured and licenced.  DiMonti's Finishes will Customize and design faux finishing techniques and colors to accommodate any space and style.  Apart from faux finishes and designs, our staff can create beautiful murals which can enhance your home or business.  We will assist you with design ideas and will create a custome mural or faux finish.  We are commited to providing a customized look based on your existing decor and budget.  During our intial consulation you will be provided with an extensive collection of faux samples and our portfoilo of completed projects.  By combining colors, paint, textures and glazes she can provide you with a custom finish on your walls, ceilings, floors, furniture or any paintable surface.

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